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    2. Subsea Automation Solution

      Subsea Actuation Solution

      Emerson provides a?Subsea Valve Actuation Solution?which includes our?BettisTM,?DantorqueTM, and ShaferTM?products.


      The Bettis symmetrical scotch yoke mechanism, with a 40-year design history, provides quarter-turn rotation with a safety feature, positively locking the spring module in place under load.

      Bettis GS-Series actuators, ideal for subsea applications, are available with diver or ROV intervention systems and are ideally suited for riser and other fail-safe applications. Bettis provides high-quality subsea valve actuation

      C010 - Subsea Actuation Solution - Dantorque


      Dantorque?actuators, with 26 year design history, are available in quarter-turn rotation based on the helical spline and are perfectly suited for subsea applications. These actuators are precisely designed, compact, concentric and produce perfectly balanced torque to the valve stem.

      Dantorque DTUs are customized for?ROV intervention and installation?or retrieval at ultra-deep water depths. These actuators are ideal for SSIV, highly engineered and especially critical valve applications. Dantorque planetary gear operators are compact and designed for ultra-deep water with balanced torque. These are designed for ROV intervention.

      C011 - Subsea Actuation Solution - Shafer


      Shafer subsea actuators, with 40 design history, are rotary vane actuators, double acting available with balanced quarter-turn torque without the need for any internal gearing or power conversion mechanism. This subsea actuator is extremely efficient and compact and does not require pressure compensation. The rotary vane actuators are excellent for a manifold and other tight space applications. Shafer represents the best in innovative, high-quality subsea valve actuation.

      Whether the application is an offshore platform, work barge, offshore loading terminal, cryogenic plant, or a?slurry pumping station, the Shafer HPU is engineered to fit your specific subsea or offshore platform requirements.

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