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    2. branson-hot-plate-welding

      Hot Plate Plastic Welding

      Branson hot-plate plastic welding technology creates consistent high-pressure hermetic seals for a wide range of applications.?

      Completed Shapes and Strong Seals

      Hot plate plastic welding joins two or more complex geometric shapes, curved surfaces or internal walls. Available in horizontal and vertical orientations, Branson hot plate welding systems can cut production costs by eliminating glues, adhesives and other consumables. For precise control, models include a PLC with color touch screen HMI with interlocked doors to maximize operator safety.

      How It Works

      Hot Plate Welding

      Hot Plate Welding is a joining solution that welds together virtually any shaped part, including those with contoured parting lines, internal walls and free-standing walls.?Process advantages include difficult geometries can now be welded and helps eliminate consumables such as glues, solvents, and adhesives. ?

      The Process

      Hot plate welding utilizes a heated platen with heat inserts that are cut to match the shape of the weld plane. The plastic parts that will be joined are pressed against the heated plate to melt and soften the entire joint interface. The plastic parts are then immediately pressed together to complete the weld. ?Hot Plate Welding is a direct thermal contact process that creates a clean join.


      Hot plate welding is frequently chosen for applications where hermetic seals, uniform weld flash or multiple parts per cycle are required. The flexibility of this process permits a wide latitude in designing parts.


      Branson Custom Tooling

      Custom Tooling You Can Count On

      We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems.

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