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      More than 135 years of experience with connection systems and tools

      Electrical Distribution

      The Klauke, Greenlee and HDE brands stand for innovation, safety and cost-effectiveness in installation technology, unconditionally and without compromise. Both in electrical connection technology and tools and measuring devices, professional users all over the world trust our products and application-orientated solutions.

      Automotive Connector Solutions

      Klauke develops and produces electrical connection technology and special tools for the automotive industry, certified to ISO/TS 16949:2009. Our solutions are used in on-board power supplies, engine and electro mobility concepts, for example. We manufacture special tools based on knowledge garnered over decades using the latest manufacturing methods.

      Assembly Solutions

      Industrial products often call for customer-specific punched parts, connecting materials, connectors and pre-assembled cables. Assembly Solutions from Klauke offer highly-flexible solutions to these requirements. With proprietary development and production expertise in electrical connection technology, we also meet unconventional or small series requirements quickly, reliably and economically.

      Customized Tools e.g. Plumbing

      Our battery powered hydraulic tools are market leaders for crimped connections in solder-free connection technology. Klauke's professional crimping and cutting tools also form the technological base for customised solutions in many sectors. In collaboration with you, our tool experts produce innovative prototypes and take them through to series maturity and production.

      Products & Services

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