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      Ceiling Fans and Lighting

      Setting the Industry Standard with High Quality, Versatile and Timeless Ceiling Fans to Work with Any Design Aesthetic - Indoors or Out

      Residential Ceiling Fans

      Residential Ceiling Fans

      Emerson Residential Ceiling Fans provide customers with innovative and customized products that exceed expectations for quality, performance and design – setting the industry standard with versatile ceiling fans to compliment any aesthetic.

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      LED Lighting

      Harnessing the technology of light-emitting diodes, Emerson has created its most energy efficient and longest-lasting light fixtures yet. Our state-of-the-art lkGLO Series Light Fixtures come in 13 custom finishes, produce a softer, more uniform glow than conventional bulbs and last nearly three times as long.


      Blade Select Series

      With our Blade Select Series design tool, choose from five fan models, 8 finishes and over 50 blade options to create the focal point for your favorite room – one piece at a time. This collection includes over 18,000 possible configurations.



      Designed with a focus on efficiency, Emerson EcoMotor ceiling fans reduce energy consumption by 40 percent and cost less than a penny an hour to operate. In addition, Eco fans drive a higher degree blade pitch more effectively and use a maximum 33 watts of electricity to provide some of the best airflows on the market.


      Emerson Commercial Ceiling Fans

      Featuring contoured blades, an impressive CFM output and the ability to recirculate heat trapped near the ceiling in industrial spaces, Emerson Commercial ceiling fans improve air comfort year-round and reduce energy consumption.

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