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      Offshore Oil & Gas

      Execute projects that achieve operational excellence and optimize production - while keeping your people safe.

      Achieve Operational Excellence in the Toughest Environments

      Today’s business environment requires increased capital efficiency. This means projects must be on-time and on-budget, while delivering operational excellence to ensure maximum return to shareholders. Emerson can help through improved project execution, uptime and optimized operations.

      The Latest

      News Release

      Emerson’s New Formation Evaluation Software Release Boosts Understanding of Reservoir Conditions

      Geolog 19 delivers expanded functionality to petrophysicists, geologists and engineers throughout the entire well life cycle
      Jun 17, 2019
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      News Release

      Emerson Provides Predictive Maintenance and Operational Support Services to BP in the North Sea

      Following safe start-up of Clair Ridge, Emerson to enable remote monitoring and provide real-time data to maximize production for UK offshore...
      May 6, 2019
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      Emerson at The Offshore Technology Conference

      Oil and gas industry experts from across the globe meet to discuss automation best practices. Join Emerson in exhibit #2261.
      Mar 4, 2019
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